Tweak tint of hdr?


I am using Neon with HDRI lighting, and the Rhino Interior environment, which is distributed with Rhino. The linked hdr file has a warm tint, slightly reddish:

%APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Localization\en-US\Render Content\Textures\RhinoInterior.hdr

What is an easy way / tool to change the file to a colder tint, possibly b/w?

I would also be happy to pick another hdr file. It doesn’t need to be exactly this one.

(Brian James) #2

Go into the environment editor and click on the HDR texture in the Rhino Interior env. Then scroll down to the advanced settings in the texture controls. You can make the saturation .5 or less to make it cooler in tone.


Thanks @BrianJ!

I also found:

  • Grayscale

  • Hue shift

Screenshot of environment settings

(Brian James) #4

Glad to help… I shot that one in a hotel in Illinois and all the incandescent lighting makes it warm. You can find some more of my HDRI for free on and you might like the Incheon airport one for a cool tone.


Thanks for the link @BrianJ, very useful!

Actually, I have a Ricoh Theta here. So I could try creating an HDRI myself.