Tutorials on how to use meshes

Does anyone know of a good resource somewhere that goes into some depth about how to use meshes in Rhino? I rarely use meshes and have very little understanding of how to work with them and I can’t seem to find a lot of documentation on how to use all of the rhino mesh tools. I don’t see anything in the Rhino 5 manual on meshes. I just don’t understand a lot of the terminology and, well, just about anything to do with meshes.

I have been battling over the last week finding a good method for modeling a terrain that I can then edit as the project develops. My terrain is very large and for a sprawling apartment complex. I feel like if it was just a lot for a house I wouldn’t have any problems. I have experimented a little with small meshes and using control points to adjust it and it works great. I have been using Rhino for years but when it comes to meshes I am totally green.

If someone can point me in the direction for some resources on this topic I would be hugely appreciative.


Hi Jeff - what sort of editing do you want to do on the mesh? Modify the shape mostly or? As you see, Rhino handles meshes, up to a point but mesh tools are not its strongest suit - if you can give a better idea, maybe an example, of what you need, we might be able to help… BTW, see also, Rhino Terrain, Rhino Lands. and probably some others I can’t think of right now.



Really I am just trying to find a good work flow to deal with site modeling, as you can surmise from my other posts. I know that what makes Rhino Rhino is that it is Nurbs based and that since most other, maybe all other, 3d modeling software deal with meshes and polygons they have to be incorporated into the program.

I just don’t have a background working in something like 3d Max or another software that deals with meshes so I am just ignorant of how to use them. I really don’t know enough about them to really know what I am looking to learn. I was just hoping for some videos or articles to read that would let me decide if using them for terrain modeling would be helpful to add into my workflow.

I did find an excellent tutorial on site modeling with Rhino late last night that showed me some tricks for editing polysurfaces. It really was exactly what I was looking for so meshes may be an area that I am not going to get too in depth with.