Tutorials/help for solid tools?

Hi there!

I’ve been useing T-Splines for trillions of years, and now when I (finally) started to learn some wood working I’d propably have to learn Rhino as well :wink:

So: could anybody give some advice where to find any help how to use Rhino Solid Tools? A bit more than just ‘one sentence per command’ (what I can find in command help).

Great thank’s!


The best way to learn Rhino’s solid tools is to first learn Rhino’s surface tools. The solid tools are essentially “automated” sequences of surface tool applications.

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Thank’s both RichardZ and davidhockey!
Like you can imagine one Big Bang is just an eyeblink for me :wink:

…so it’s time to expand my skills.
I’ve done my work in T-Splines, but now when it’s time to make technical drawings I can see that the rhino basic tools are (propably) more precise. Naturally I still use T-splines (and hopefully soon Rhinos own organic modeling tools) when it truly is time for that type of features.

Yes, I propably have to look at all the Rhino basic tools as well. I was surprised how much the form can be changed in Rhino with Basic Tools. Wooden furnitures are mainly simple shapes; stright lines, 90 degree angles and basic curves.

(I wonder if there are any from-start-to-finish videos for this type of Rhino work?).


good free video tutorials:

good commercial video tutorials:
Rhino 4 video tutorial | basic | made by Brian DiNola: http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/rhino-4-essential-training.html
Rhino 4 video tutorial | advanced | made by Brian DiNola: http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/advanced-rhino-techniques.html
Rhino 4 video tutorial | basic and advanced bundle | made by Brian DiNola: http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/rhino-4-training-bundle.html
Rhino 5 video tutorial | basic | made by Rob McCulloch: http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/learning-rhino-5.html
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Rob McCulloch: http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/rhino-5-advanced-techniques.html
Rhino 5 video tutorial | basic and advanced bundle | made by Rob McCulloch: http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/rhino-5-training-bundle.html
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Kyle Houchens: http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/rhino-modeling-techniques.html
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Rob McCulloch: http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/complex-consumer-product-modeling-in-rhino-3d.html

Yep, thank’s for these, Andrew!