Tutorial on how to make custom materials with transparencies and bumps from scratch?

I know I can edit exiting materials, but let’s say I want to make a floor grate with transparency from a texture photo. Or an aged wood texture with bump? What is the proper way of creating rmtl’s? Is there a standalone program to do this? Any youtube tutorials you might recommend?
Thank you.

Hi Peter - the basic procedure is- add a new Custom material in the material panel and add the textures as needed to the Color, Bump, Transparency etc. channels.

When done, right click on the new material in the panel and choose ‘Save to file’, if you want it on disk.


Thanks Pascal. That’s how I have been going about it so far but Id love a good tutorial on making more complex seamless textures with bumps and transparencies. Any suggestions?

Also, any suggestions for how to apply sbs materials? https://source.substance3d.com

Ah - that is not particularly a Rhino thing then, it is a general texturing hurdle - there are tools out there for creating seamless textures as well as tips-n-tricks for Photoshop. A search on “create seamless textures” is pretty loaded up with stuff…