Turqoise icon on startup screen Rhino 6 Mac

Just upgraded to Mac Rhino 6 real nice. Though I have a question.
The startup screen shows a turquoise icon in the lower right conner?
Never seen this before. Asked Rhino Center if they knew about it bud they confirmed that it was not in the PC version.

So who’s this mystery guest?


Rhino 6 Ms_Turquoise Icon|690x351

Hello @pgerritsen,

Since it’s pretty much the same icon as yours here, things might be connected somehow?
I must the say pink is a “fabulous”, bold choice for highlighting document templates in dark mode on macOS. :rofl:

It is your account image when you’re using the cloud zoo. It is there also in the Windows version of Rhino 6.

Cloud ZOO! oki doki…clad to hear that Nathan. That’s a relief, thought it was some virus or other nasty thing to mess-up my computer.

If you have associated a picture/avatar to your Rhino account, that will show up as well.