Turning TestErrorCheck Off


I recently started experimenting with the SDK and c#. I now get a Rhino Error every time i start Rhino (regardless of whether I am using it via c# or not). It find 9 errors on start up - as you can imagine, this gets a little tiresome. I understand that I can go to the command line and turn it off using TestErrorCheck - but by this time I’ve already had to click “ok” 9 times just to get Rhino to start. I hasten to point out that this error can’t be any code I’ve written as it happens regardless of whether I am running my code or not. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

It depends when Visual Analysis modes are registered. If you do this at start-up of the plug-in or during the initialization of a command, and your plug-in starts when Rhino starts, your code is running at Rhino start-up.

I typically first try to find a visual analysis mode and if not found register it:

VisualAnalysisMode vmode = VisualAnalysisMode.Find(typeof(MyAnalysisMode));
if (null == vmode)
    vmode = VisualAnalysisMode.Register(typeof(MyAnalysisMode));

Ahhh. It’s not my plugin but I have got another plugin installed. I just disabled that and the error stops. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.