Turn spline into straigh line and arcs

Hi there!
I have a kind of big tree like that :

it is all made of splines that I have all divided like that :

this overall shape will change many times before its finaly going to be made in the workshop.

What I want is to select all the curves and sort them to be able to convert the curviest one in arcs and the straighest ones in straigh lines.

I have already did it manually with 2 different grasshopper file :
turn it straight :
turn it in arc :

I’am not very old on this software, so I will appreciate any help allowing me to add a “sort tool” to the actual work I already done who will ask grasshopper something like :
if it is curvy more theim x degree convert it as an arc, and under x degree convert it in straight line.

line_or_arc_sg.gh (9.1 KB)

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i found that who can help

Hi - I’m not sure if there is a question in this post and don’t see how it is related to splines and lines and stuff…
At any rate, you are running on ancient GPU drivers:
If nothing else, you should look into getting these updated to the latest version. In Rhino, open the Notifications panel and follow the links from there.