Turn python code into a plugin

Hi all,
I am Looking for a documentatoin to turn a python Code into a Rhino zoo Plugin.
I have done that before in c# but now I have python codes instead.
Do you have an idea where shall I start from ?.


Hi @tigberlin89,

If you need a plug-in that uses the Zoo licensing system, then you’ll need to create a C# plug-in and then port your Python code over to C#.

– Dale


is there a specific licencing System which work for python ?.
The zoo licencing in my case is not that important.

I have found General Workarounds to secure a python Code but my Question: is there a way of ding that in the Rhino developer asset ?.

I’ll probably need some simplification on this.

There isn’t any way, that I know of, to convert Python code to C#. You can, however, embed Python code (e.g. text) in a C# plug-in and write a command that scripts that code. This is basically what the RhinoScript Compiler does.

– Dale

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