Turn off layers except for those for selected objects...how?

Which command to run for this ?
How does one turn off all layers except for those for selected objects ?


There is not a good way built in - do you care which of the layers becomes the current one? Nested layers cannot have parents turned off and stay on themselves, which might complicate things as well. Just thinking about a script.

@Steve1 try this -

SomeLayersOn.zip (727 Bytes)

unzip, then drag and drop the rvb file to add



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Hi Pascal,
Many thanks, that did the trick,
Dont care about which becomes current, that can easily be selected as such afterwards.
Also noted nested layer cannot be ON if mother is Off, so I assume this turns mother ON ?

Add this into V6 please :wink: whilst killing the layers drop to bottom terror bug. Having to move each new layer up and down to overcome the bug, one keeps forgetting that temp fix in the throes of battle when many layers are being created.