Turbo Squid models crash on import

So I just downloaded the demo for v ray and Rhino. I have my Turbo squid car models and i try to drag the .obj file into the view port error. i try to import the file i get error importing file. I did not know if it creates error logs that you can post but what would cause obj files to be a problem? Key shot import these obj files just fine.

First of all, you will have to find out if that is Rhino or VRay doing that.
You haven’t stated which version of both you are using.

What is a view port error that you can drag things into?

What does the error say?
Can you post the .obj?

At any rate, start Rhino in safe mode without loading plugins. Then see if

I did not post version numbers because i said i just downloaded the demo which in turns means i must have the latest builds if i just installed them. But it could be that they offer demos for ver 5 and 6 and thats why you asked.

I am running Ver 6 and the latest V ray. I am going to look into this a little more then uninstall it later today. If the program or V ray are having problems with obj files then i need to look at something else. I was only looking at this program so i could move away from key shot to V ray.

I can’t post eh obj files because I bought them. As far as view port. I mean drag the file into the view port the default screen that pops up when you open the program.