Tsplines: Model will not go into smooth mode (Red dot in Space)

Working on a tsplines surface in box mode. I went to go into smooth mode and it will not do it.
I checked edit uniform and fixed a red star, all looked ok.

I noticed a red do t floating in space. I can’t select it to delete it.

I noticed that when I am in verts mode and when I move a vert I see yellow lines going out to several locations in space. One of those goes to the red dot. I can’t select verts out there though.
Has anyone seen this happen before? What do you do?

Enclosed is two jpegs showing dot and yellow lines that travel to it.

Hi! There is an answer on T-Splines forum http://www.tsplines.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=33938 which might help.

I checked to see if I had any red stars or seashells in the model. Their are none. All looks clear in wireframe mode.
That red dot is outside the solid area,per the pictures that I shared. I can’t select any surfaces near it.
Any other ideas?

Usually in T-splines the red points signal vertices/polygons that are not properly welded.
So you might have double vertices that need to be manually welded to build a smoothable T-Splines mesh.
But that “ghost” mesh does seem strange.
Have You tried exporting the t-splines mesh and putting it in a new, “pristine” 3dm file?
You might also try to convert the t-splines mesh into a normal mesh. maybe then you can get rid of the “ghost” mesh, then reconvert to T-splines and You should be good to go.


i am also having the red dot problem and also the t-spline mesh wont let me contruct an edge in the areas next to the red dots. Append face wont also work to reconstruct the mesh. Serious help needed please. :frowning: