TSplines in Python

hi everyone,

is it possible to use TSplines commands in Python scripting?

or maybe I shld ask if is possible to use tools which are not included in the rhinoscriptsyntax


If you can type a command at the command line in Rhino, in general, you can script it with rs.Command(). Have a look at the help for rs.Command()…


Hi Sergio,
Seems like when Autodesk bought T-Splines, their online [API has been withdrawn][1]. It was C++ based, so I guess it wouldn’t help using it with Python.
You can use the rs.Command() function to access Rhino commands, including those added by plugins (like T-Spline).

EDIT: did not see your reply Mitch. Sorry about that.
[1]: http://www.tsplines.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62605&p=76960

thanks guys this is exactly what I was looking after.

@djordje do you think I will have limitations using python rather then C++?


I might not be the best person to answer that question, but seems like when it comes to Rhino, C++ SDK has some functionality which RhinoCommon does not. But then again, Python has rhinoscriptsyntax module, which is quite “friendly”.