TSplines 4 for Rhino released

This just in… FYI…

Version 4 of Autodesk T-Splines Plug-in for Rhino has been released. This version is highlighted
by T-Splines Grasshopper integration, modeling improvements, and better
integration with Rhino 5.

If you are an existing T-Splines customer, for a limited time you
can get 70% off T-Splines v4 through a reseller or by using coupon code TSPLINE at
the Autodesk store. Network licenses of T-Splines are now available
(exclusively through resellers), as are free student licenses.

If you bought T-Splines after 3 July 2013,
you can purchase an upgrade through your Autodesk account or through your
reseller. If you bought T-Splines before 3 July 2013,
you can buy T-Splines v4 at a 70% discount (essentially the same price as
an upgrade) at the Autodesk Store (use coupon
code TSPLINE) or through your
authorized reseller. This discount is available until July 15, 2015. If you live in Japan or Korea,
this discount is only available through your authorized reseller.

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The T-Splines team at


It’s January, they did Xmas gift, holidays, payed the stock option…
so they need a fresh incoming…
What’s better than an upgrade for all the user waiting this since 2 years?!?

I hate this behavior but for that money I will buy it.

Where did you hear this. I looked all over the AutoDesk site with no mention of T-Splines 4 except as free for students.

I had it in my mail today too.

So what is the price at 70% off?

As Menno said, “came in the mail today…” --Mitch


Well I’ve been a T-Splines user since its very beginning so I’ll look in the mail. I had the first Betas and won a couple of their contests. Odd that the AutoDesk page refers one back to the old TS page where V4 is available for download.


AutoDesk bloat strikes again, by the looks of things. They’ve tripled the size of the download :frowning:

No intro discount or indication of a new version on AutoDesk UK site yet. They often take a few weeks to catch up with the rest of the world!

Bad price politic - european user pay the same price, $-price is €-price.

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Must be your lucky day? Mine shows me $675. Were you able to purchase at $200? Michael VS

I haven’t actually purchased it yet. To get that price, you need to enter the coupon code “TSPLINES”, then the discount should update and show in the cart.


I stand corrected. I read the AutoDesk email I received, and yes, “TSPLINE” is the coupon code. I had it right in my shopping cart, anyway. :smirk:

Is the coupon not an unofficial one sent per email to current users only?

I can’t get to the shopping cart and close the deal, anyone seen this?

I can’t either… Actually I can’t buy anything on their site.
They only allow sales to select countries (Check the list under WORLDWIDE).
I had the same problem when buying Vray - No sales to Africa allowed.
I’m in South Africa and I get bounced out, but if I go to the Australian Site I can get in. Michael VS

I’m from BR, we do get a web site, it does not carry TSplines.

Slightly odd behavoiur on the AutoDesk UK site. The full license lists at £690 inc. taxes. This reduces to £204.44 with the TSPLINE voucher applied. The upgrade price is £150 inc. taxes and that doesn’t respond to the voucher code.

So if you don’t want another seat of TSplines, the voucher code is irrelevant. That’s very good value for the full license though :smile:

For either the full or upgrade versions, it doesn’t mention anywhere that it’s TSplines4 that you’re buying.

I have the academic version 3.4 and tried to install the academic version 4… but the AutoDesk website directed me to the Tsplines website where they have the download. Unfortunately, the install failed when when I did not have a new key number they did not give me.

Yup. Its messed up.