Trying to use points after an Evaluate Length

Hi !

i need to simulate the movement (see attached files), for this i need to select different points on this curve to link a truss or several.

i have tried ‘list items’ tools, and others but i don’t find the solution to extract points from the ‘Evaluate Length’ tool to choose which point or points i want to use.

Thanks a lot if you’ve got an idea !!.. please…


Attached files :sweat_smile:
Configurateur Stockage 181024.3dm (12.3 MB)

OCTOBRE-Simulation Stockeur (56.2 KB)

No attached files…

Is this what you want?

OCTOBRE-Simulation Stockeur (60.9 KB)


2 days, many coffees, many clicks, and nothing… and you find in 5 minutes ???

Thanks a lot !! it’s perfect.

If you come to France, I owe you a beer !!

A beer…in France. :thinking: so cheap.