Trying to use backend API to set parameters and run email export

Hi there,

I am currently trying to set a parameter value using the backend API, and then use the API to send an email via the model’s exports.
I have tried following this tutorial:
and this tutorial:

Following both I have only been able to get the session to initialise and return all the actions, templates etc. but have not been able to proceed any further.

See below an example post request to change a parameter value, this request returns 200 OK but does not change the value I am specifying in the body…

I even tried calling my export with it’s default values but still could not get this to return anything meaningful / useful.

I was wondering if anyone could help with my problem?
Thanks in advance.

At the moment, the only functionality that will be useful in the backend API is the export request. You can either request it after a session init or with the combined session init/export call.

What do you mean that the export call did not return anything meaningful or useful? Can you show the response you get when you request an export? If it is an email export, it will not contain any download link but just an indication that the export was successful.

You have to set the max_wait_time otherwise it will only send back an instant response with the estimated wait time after which the export should be ready and you have to request it again.

As soon as you add the max_wait_time to your request the response will only happen after everything is calculated and you get back the href to the exported file.

Great! Sorry for the slow reply, thanks guys. I was able to get my model to send an email when requested.

All the best.