Trying to use animated characters from Adobe Mixamo in Bongo

(Janstenberg Com) #1

Hello! I’m new here, and also very new to Bongo and animation, but quite familiar with Rhino.
I wonder if it’s possible to insert a rigged an animated character from Adobe Mixamo (the format is .fbx), and use the already animated rigging in Bongo? If so, then how?
I’ve succeeded in importing/inserting the mesh skin and the mesh joints, and the pivots appears to be in the right places, but there seems to be no animation included.
Best regards

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

This is not possible. Bongo does not understand the FBX animation support. I think it is somewhere on the pile of Bongo feature requests, though.

(Janstenberg Com) #3

Thanks for the swift reply Nathan.
Consider me wishing for an implementing of the feature as well.
Best regards