Trying to update 100+ seats of Rhino

Our IT department is pushing the service release through the network via a login script. The results are sporadic. Some get updated every morning and others not at all. I asked for a report on the status of the updates, but the report is incomplete (showing 1/2 the computers, and many of those I know are wrong, including my computer).

So what I was wondering is if there is a way I can write my own script that can access the Rhino installations on the network and tell me what version they are at? Has anyone any suggestions on how that could be accomplished? If I have a list of the status of each installation, I can manually have the SR installed where needed.



Hi Dan,

Rhino version information is found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. So it is possible to write a script (e.g. VBScript, Powershell) to dig this stuff out - independent of Rhino running.

Here is a RhinoScript that I quickly worked up that will report the version numbers of installed Rhino 5s on a system. The script can easily be modified to run outside of Rhino by saving with a .vbs extension and setting the “bRhino” value to false.

Does this help?

Thanks Dale. I’ll give it a try later this afternoon. I will let you know how it goes.

It works good for my computer. Is there any way that it could look across the network at other Rhino installations and report to me what upgrade level they are at? I would assume I would need network administrator rights to do that, but I already have those rights so that wouldn’t be an issue.



Hi @dale,

I have this sorted out. I used most of your code but made some slight alterations to create a text file with the results in a folder that I can access. The script is run at login time and the results are deposited in that folder.

Thanks for your help,


Thats great Dan, thanks for the update.

There are ways to run VBScripts and PowerScripts on remote systems. There is some work you need to do a head of time on each system due to security, etc. Might be worth looking into if you need this kind of automation in the future.

Nice job!

– D