Trying to save parts of models for reuse in other projects

Hello, Still new to rhino. I want to be able to save bits of pieces that I am making that I could use again, for example a shank that was difficult to make or a prong structure. I can’t find any references to how to save things anywhere. I thought that highlighting the part and saving that would do the trick but that saves the whole file to a new name. I have no idea what to do as I can find no ‘housekeeping’ notes, how to save parts, how to save lines, etc. I am used to saving all sorts of things in folders and bringing them into new models. Can someone please advise where to get this info and what to do?? My work models are becoming nightmares of stuff that I want to keep but don’t want trashing up my project. thanks in advance. dennis

Have you tried File > Export Selected...? Export as Rhino file.

Hello, I did this, it saves the entire project again under a new name. I just want to save the ring shank somewhere so that I can use it in another project. d

Not sure what you’re doing but:

It won’t if you have only the object(s) selected that you want to export. Make sure it/they are not grouped with something else…

Hello, I am still confused, I don’t want a new model. What if I want to import that square you made into a model I am working in , I don’t want to lose what I am working on when the new thing comes in, and changed the name of my project. I want the thing to go into in the model that I want to work. Am I totally missing something or am I just confused as often the case. d

Please read the help on Rhino file operations.

  • Open opens a new file and closes the existing one (it will ask you to save the existing file if you have unsaved changes)
  • Import imports another file into the existing file without disturbing the objects already in the original file
  • Save and SaveAs save the whole file, including locked and hidden objects and layers. SaveAs creates a new file.
  • Export exports only objects selected during the command to a new file

Ok, So I can export these items as what? I don’t want to export them as stls as they will become mesh when I bring them back in. If they are vectors what do I save them as, as well? We are on the right track now I think. thanks, d

How about exporting them as a Rhino .3dm file?

OK, I will try this and get my folders going. If this works like I hope, it will cut down on my work by saving the prong and stone seats cutters, etc. have a great weekend. D

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OK!! I am cooking with gas now. cheers, D

Ok, new wrinkle on the saving [exporting]. We have figured out with you all’s help to export parts for future use by exporting them as 3dm. OK, I created a set of prong and stone seat structures. We originally named the folder where they live as cutting tools. So, when we import one of these objects, which is a center seat and 4 prongs which were saved together, it comes into the program as a layer called cutting tool and it puts the plug part there and the prongs in a different layer! We don’t want that, we want them in one layer. So, we are having to highlight all the parts, move them to a new layer. If I save that again as the original saved part to replace, well, it does the same thing. SO, I copied all of the parts we made into a new folder and renamed it. It still brings them in as cutting tool and prongs in two places. Geez, why? Finally i have saved yet again a new folder moved them all there, then imported the bits again, moved to new layer and saved with a NEW name for the part such as 105 2 and export. NOW, when I bring that in it comes in as one layer one place called 105. This is all bizarre but we figured this out. Any clues as to what is going on here?? Is it always this hard to export parts and have them go in one specific place in the model?? thanks in advance. d

Use _Insert instead of _Import to bring in the file as a block instance. You can pick in the dialog whether you want to be asked for insertion point, or you can give one right there.

Once inserted you can duplicate the block instance as many times as you need.

Hello, Just tried that and it brought in the parts great, however, when I went to ungroup the prongs from the cutter it would not do it. So, for now we will just keep inporting. Will look at insert another day for another issue. thanks, D

You’re making it too hard. Open the file you want to copy from. Select the object you want to copy and hit ctrl-c. Close the model (but don’t exit Rhino). Open the model you want to copy into and hit ctrl-v. That will paste the new part into the model.

Hello, Thanks for the input. We will give that a try as well. Basically, what we are doing is creating a set of prongs on stone cutters so that I don’t have to reinvent them. We have settled on the following, export to file and name the piece 105mm for a 1.05 mm round stone with prongs already aligned and grouped. Then we are importing them back into the model we are working on. After the weirdness of having them come in as cutters and prongs we have got it sorted out. A friend had given me a template he uses and it had stones and cutters listed in his format, don’t know why that messed us up but we have resolved that by not using his template, we are making our own, Thanks to all. cheers, d