Trying to Reinstall Flamingo nXt on both Rhino V5 AND V6

I upgraded to Rhino V6, and installed V6 at the same time as V5. Now, I want to reinstall Flamingo nXt to run in V6. However, running the “Flamingo5_Release_20161129_1152.rhi” file ONLY seems to reinstall Flamingo in V5, not V6.

Any suggestions on how to reinstall? Thanks, in advance, for any help or suggestions.

You need to download and update to the latest version of Flamingo nXt to be able to install it for Rhino 6 as well as Rhino 5. The latest installer should be named “Flamingo55_Release_20180118_0833.rhi”

Many thanks for your reply. That solved my problem!