Trying to monitor rhino for slow downs and lagging

can anyone recommend a free “activity monitor” like the Mac has? where you can view all the current processes and events happening in the back. like on the mac, if you monitor it when you experiece a problem there is usaully a flagged process that is causing the hang. and it runs in realtime.

i’m just trying to find something might be cause the paste/undo/redo lag on my own.


i found the event viewer it’s kinda giving me what i want, just need to figure out to monitor in free time.

i did notice a bunch of graphic card errors and warning.

i have not been on pc for about 200 years, but is there not something like a windows own task manager? ctrl alt delete?

Ctrl shift esc

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I did not know that one.


@nathanletwory @encephalon i don’t think that win task really shows system events. it’s good for processes but it’s not what i’m looking for. the mac has this, it shows you a running log of all system events so you can see what processes or calls are being slowed down or broken. these would all be things going on with the OS and the software, just not the software.


Right, then the event viewer is what you want.