Trying to load Shapediver model into a web page but getting CORS error

I’m trying to load Shapediver model into a web page with your initSdvApp() code but first get some CORS error and then some 'material error - see screenshoot. Same model loads properly into my web page if I use iframe embedding but I need access to api. Many thanks to anyone who can help.

What’s the url you are using for your application?
Could you try to clear your browser’s cache?

Hi. I cleared browser cache. This is the code i use to get and display the model

var initSdvApp = function(/event/) {
// settings can be defined here or as attributes of the viewport container
// settings defined here take precedence
let settings = {
ticket: sp.shapediver_model_ticket,
modelViewUrl: ‘eu-central-1’, // or ‘us-east-1’ or address of your own ShapeDiver model view server
// provide global access to the ShapeDiver Viewer API returned by the constructor
// console.log(settings);
window.api = new SDVApp.ParametricViewer(settings);
console.log(‘initSdvApp 1.1’);

I get a different error today - one that first went away with api.scene.render() but is now back - see screenshoot.


Could you provide a link to your example?

I found a problem, which is if I use the container bellow but make it less than full screen size I get the framebuffer error. It’s still a problem because I need to show other things on the page. I guess this is now a different problem but if you know how to help it would be great. Thank you.

                    <div id='sdv-container' class='shapediver-container-flex shapediver-container-fullsize' sdv-fullscreen='true'>
                        <!-- ShapeDiver Viewer Settings Controls Container -->
                        <div id='sdv-container-settings' class='shapediver-settings-flex' style='display: none;'></div>
                        <!-- ShapeDiver Viewer Viewport Container -->
                        <div class='shapediver-viewport-flex'>
                        <div id='sdv-container-viewport' class='shapediver-container-fullsize' style='opacity: 0;'
                        <!-- The loading icon will be created here -->
                        <!-- ShapeDiver Viewer Parameter Controls Container -->
                        <div id='sdv-container-controls' class='shapediver-controls-flex' style='display: none;'></div>

Hi @sven.homan, if you would like us to look into it please provide a link that allows to reproduce the problem, e.g. on Codepen