Trying to fill the openings in this object... any help appreciated

(Hvolykhine) #1

Hi guys,

does anyone know how to fill the gaps in the object attached? I’m trying to create an approximation of a biosphere type shape, basically will want to show clear material in those openings.

(Rodrigo Bárcena) #2

Hi @hvolykhine , Maybe if you attach the 3DM file, someone will be able to help further…

(Hvolykhine) #3

File attached^ Anyone?

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - if you make some sections (Section command) through the object you’ll see there are many self-intersections:


(Hvolykhine) #5

Hi Pascall, I think those were left from when the model was initially generated with grasshopper… now basically what I am trying to do it fill in the physical empty spaces in the shape, almost as though blowing up a balloon inside a frame which I have made…in order to fill in the large gaps in the skeleton