Trying to figure out how a particular 'system' works

Hi. I got an inquire (super small project) to develop kind of a giant pointer that rotates 360 degrees…but stops in every X angles. Imagine a big clock handle on the wall (made with wood) which you can turn with the hand and will stop in each 5 minutes and stay in that position.

I kind of imagine options, just I would like to know if you know any web, pdf or book that shows examples of how ‘systems’ works (technological aspect). I was always curious if there is any source or enciclopedia that shows examples of different ways of how mechanical systems works.

Thanks a lot, Regards


Based on your description, I can’t figure out if you’re describing a “detent” or an “escapement” mechanism.
A quick Google search on those terms I think will give you what you may be looking for.

Thanks a lot @John_Brock. I believe its kind of a ‘detent’.
I will try to find more thorough documentation.