Trying to emulate a flashlight

Hi. I am doing a project to 3d print my personal flashlight.
I am trying to guess how the shadow will be projected according to my lamp and the things that I want to model in between the lamp (light source) and the wall.

Is there any software to know how an actual LED CREE 250 Lumens will behave with my design ?

Thanks a lot!!!


Some rendering engines will simulate reality.
There is a list of unbiased rendering engines here:

you should be able to do that with any kind of decent renderer, some rendering applications also offer the option to use an object as a light source, in combination with global illumination and some reflective material you could approximate it quite ok, even for a geometric approximation of how the light will fall you dont need any of that fancy stuff. if you want to simulate also the way light may behave through glass you can use fresnel reflexion in addition with caustics… its not going to replace a real image but can be used to model your torch cone and how the light may fracture passing the glass.

some also have the option to adjust the light physically to lumen or candela to make it even more real.

Thanks both! I am using a IES light (found the manufacturer file). Still not getting accurate as real life.
I am probably need to use a magnifier glass in order to get a bigger image projected of the object placed inside the torch cone.

Maybe what I need first is to find a optics web were I can play with distances between the object, the projected light and the magnifier glass in order to see “the image” as I want.

Thanks a lot