Trying to create this pattern with Sine Waves

Hey Guys,

I’m attempting to create the wave pattern shown in the attached first photo. I can create ripples from sin waves and attractor points (see attached GH file below), but they overlap each other instead of pushing against each other as it seems to be doing in the first photo. I feel like there’s only a small piece I’m missing here but not sure what it is. Perhaps there is also an alterative way of recreating this pattern?

sin (23.2 KB)

why double posting the very same content?

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your question is also near this one

It is not very pleasant to answer a question and see quite the same question on another thread. You try to use scripts without really understanding. If you want an answer that fits your idea you must be a bit more precise.
On the link I mention you asked for 3d object, now on a single surface.

Look at these threads

It is simple to get what is on first image

I thought I could delete the previous one, but turns out only admins have that ability. Sorry for the confusion.

Hey @laurent_delrieu, you’re right, probably would have been better to continue this thread in the previous post. Apologies for the disorganization. Thanks as always for providing relevant threads/resources. Let me look through everything and I’ll get back to you if there are any questions.