Trying to create a surface with these curves

Hello I’m trying to create a design for my midterm and I have used planar surface but it’s saying that is not a closer planar curves. I have also used network surface but it’s giving me this

. Is there another way of doing this design?

Each surface creation command has different input curve requirements to give the desired results.

Please post a 3dm file with your original curves.

I’m not at all clear what the final desired shape is based on those curves.
Certainly, building up a polysurface will require use of multiple surfacing commands, and then Joining the resulting surfaces into a polysurface.

midterm.3dm (1.7 MB)

Hello - if you are more precise with youur curve drawing you can make one set of simple surfaces and array these around - however, your curves are a little ‘all-over-the-place’ so need to be redrawn or pick one repeat and use that. All that said it’s the middle bit, below the dome, will be a challenge I think.

You need some repeats of these:

but you need to clean up:


Okay thank you!

What were you given to work from?

What do you mean by that?

I had assumed the curves in the file you posted were given to you to work from.
My bad.
Pascal’s careful inspection revealed that was probably not the case.

I’m trying to retrace the process you used to create them.
Were you given an image or something else to start from?
What were the “givens” of your project?

I was to create my own design for this midterm. I had to research a bit of other people design but the rest was up to me to create really.

Hi Nicole - is the design intended to be evenly distributed four or eight times or are the doorways really meant to be all different? If baically all the same, then draw more carefully, make sure every thing lines up at 45 degrees, 22.5 degrees and so on so that you can array one set around four or eight times (ArrayPolar)

@nicole.cater001 Like so: one set, made carefully, so they all line up exactly when arrayed:


They were meant to have a pattern

And what can I do to connect to the half-sphere (circle opening) ?

Well… you are the designer - what you want there is not very clear but I might make surfaces like this:


okay, thank you for everything