Trying to bisect opject with custom plane

Hi all i need to cut this solid (the red “outer” layer) in half by a plane defined by the curve (defined in the Cyan “Fuselage” layer), however, I can’t get them to fully intersect at the wingtips!

Any thoughts on how I can do this. Cheers

Bisect with plane.3dm (727.1 KB)

Hi Dave - the object has some surfaces with edges way out of tolerance -


Find these and RebuildEdges and things should work better - I’m not sure how you are splitting since that cyan perimeter curve is not planar…?


Thanks Pascal. How do I find edges that are out of tolerance?

The cyan curve was going to be patched to create a cutting surface


Hi Dave - it looks like the cyan curve is 2d in the right view -

I’d draw that as a simple 2d curve in that view and extrude the curve, using the extrusion as the splitter.
I noticed the edges first by just seeing them. The What command confirmed that edges are way out of tolerance.