Trying out demo - ask a bunch of questions in single post, or separate?

Hi everyone,
I’m planning on going through some “standard” steps to try to construct a few objects and learn how to get around in Rhino to evaluate it. Also I’ll be trying to figure out a few standard drawing/measuring procedures.

I already know I’m going to have a number of questions, as I’ve searched and not found answers for some of the things.

Should I ask all current questions in a single post, or as separate posts/questions per topic? (After searching first, of course…)

I don’t want to be that person that posts 600 “obvious” questions. :slight_smile:


Hello - make sure, if you have not, to look closely at

and especially

I would not ask 600 questions in one post. If there are some related items, gang them together. Please always post a file with what you are asking about, and preferably only what you are asking about. Use Leaders, Dots and Text and layers to make things as clear as possible when you ask your questions.


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