Try to get area within a specific depth from the window


This is my 1st try in grasshopper.

I’m trying to get 2 area, room area and the area within a specific distance from the window, on the floor plan, but it doesn’t work. Might you help check if my approach is correct to get the target? I guess there is something wrong with the intersection.


Here is the target and my approach:

This is what I made: (30.7 KB)

This is the result I got:

Take a look at the attachment. (13.9 KB)


Hi Kim,

It looks more efficient than mine. I need time to study your approach due to my limited knowledge of Grasshopper.

There is one more thing I missed in the consideration which is the shape of the room. This study is about the internal daylight. If the path of daylight is blocked by partition, the area behind it won’t be included. This is what I mean highlighted in RED below.

Many thanks for your help.