Truss topology optimization


I came across this interesting addon and been playing with it for couple of days. Immediately Ive tried to implement it on real case scenario of simple truss and I hit some difficulties.

From practical point of view, how can I achieve top chord to be considered “same section all along” in optimization process? Same applies for the bottom chord.

Thank you,

truss (23.6 KB)

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your interest in Peregrine!

Peregrine is a tool for identifying optimal designs, rather than a tool for automatically identifying conventional designs as such. As you have seen, in this case, it is much more structurally efficient to vary the cross-sectional areas across the span of the structure. However, using Grasshopper you could if you wish make the cross-sections of all members lying on a given line equal to that of the largest one, as a post-processing step.