Truncated cones from coordinates

Hello Grasshopper community,

I need to build a simple model consisting in about 1600 truncated cones spread over an area of 50x50cm.

Each truncated cone has a specific location (x,y) and is defined by a base radius ‘radius1’, a top radius ‘radius2’, and a height ‘height’.

I managed to import the coordinates and create cylinders of a given radius and height. However I need the top radius to be 80% of the base radius. The problem is there is no ‘truncated cone’ in the Grasshopper primitives.

Is there any way around it, where I can modify the radiuses of the cylinder separately, or create a custom truncated cone where I can do it?

I have attached the .csv with coordinates, x,y, diameter1, diameter2 and height and also my file.

I’m a newbie in Grasshopper and I would be extremely grateful for any guidance on how to tackle this, please.

Thank you very much!

Example.csv (44.9 KB) (14.5 KB) (39.0 KB)

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Hi HS_Kim,

Thank you so much for the quick response! I think it’s a pretty neat solution.
Many thanks for that!