Truncated command line message

Anyone seen truncated messages on the command line? Any idea how to fix it?

Do you have a specific example?
A screenshot in this case would be helpful.
Be sure to include the build of Mac Rhino you’re running.

Rhino for Windows, not Mac. Two students using evaluation version have the problem.

Screen shot is difficult because Internet access is marginal.

Then please describe in enough details so I can reproduce the specific error here.
If we can’t reproduce the error, we can’t fix or work-around it.

The problem is on the command line. The text which Rhino displays with the name of the current command and options is truncated. It is occurring on two student’s computers. One has a recently downloaded evaluation/trial version of Rhino for Windows on a new ASUS computer. The other has a three month old version of Rhino for Windows V5 SR12 under an educational license on a six month old ACER computer. Class ends in a couple of hours. I suggested both students reload Rhino when they are in a location with better internet connection.

I understand “`If we can’t reproduce the error, we can’t fix or work-around it”, but I don’t know how to reproduce it.

I was hoping someone might have seen the problem before, recognize it, and have a solution. It has been very frustrating for the students to learn Rhino without seeing all the options, etc.

Dunno, I have seen this before on a couple of student computers, IIRC because the Windows display settings were really messed up. Do they have Win 10? Have they messed with the Windows font size settings? Just a couple of areas to explore… – Mitch

I don’t think reloading Rhino will make any difference at all.
Can you send a screenshot from both computers that clearly shows the
Also, in Windows Control Panel, what is the screen resolution these
computers are running at?

I have a couple of suspicions but before we chase a solution, we have to
understand the problem.

The class ended Friday. The students were adults, two or three times the average age of most “students” learning Rhino. The new ASUS computer had been purchased a few days before, and Rhino was loaded just before the class started but not used. I don’t believe that student changed anything on his computer from the factory settings. This is his first PC after using Macs.

Both computer appeared to be at 1080 x 1920.

The other student noticed that Rhino on his system behaved properly showing the entire command line when he started Rhino without opening a file. However when opened a .3dm file the command line was truncated and other parts of the Rhino interface were also truncated or cut off. I gave him a .3dm file from my machine which was working properly and the same thing happened when he open it.