Trumpf Lasers? Geometry issues? Anyone have experience?

Hi Everyone I used to be a waterjet programmer for many years. Since I’ve retired, I’ve occasionally been creating clean vector art for an old customer. Over the years I’ve experienced every type of software geometry issue you can imagine. We’ve worked with many companies and they always blame you when their files are garbage or don’t open correctly. I could often work through most issues. But now I’m on the other side. My customer had me create CAD for his customer who is a Trumpf Laser operator. My file is included below, both the rhino CAD and the DXF I’ve sent to the operator. I’ve never had an issue creating clean vector art in the past with other laser facilities but I understand the Trumpf software converts the file to a proprietary format and I believe the issue lies in the conversion that takes place when it’s loaded into the Trumpf cutting software. Usually, these sorts of issues are caused by a specific thing. 90% of my issues over the years were related to splines or polylines or older DXF formats. But in this case, they are saying the part is not coming in correctly and geometry is all over the place the company I’m dealing with are aholes and won’t work with me to figure it out. I’d like to make my customer happy and try to figure out the issue so I can have a workaround. If anyone has experienced this please let me know. Thanks
2022-3-31_AC_job_7.dxf (168.8 KB)
2022-3-31_AC_job_7.3dm (212.3 KB)

Hi Jacob - one thing to look at is, on export, set all arcs to be Z-up - if the arcs are displaced, it may be that some of them have planes that point downward and these are not being flipped or not transposed so to speak, on import.

Arcs in different directions might go astray-


Hi jacob,
i have 3 trumpf lasers.
Imported your .3dm file and made a path (I use my own scripts to make paths because I don’t feel comfortable with trumpf software).
All is working correctly, the profiles are clean and simple.

I’ll check your Dxf file to see if there are problems (I doubt).

Edit: your dxf seems fine… try to export with the “R12 Lines and Arcs” schema to see if they can read it better (usually I use this schema to export simple paths)
2022-3-31_AC_job_7.dxf (13.5 KB)
Check the file units 'cause I usually save in millimeters…

I thought this was a political post…

Thanks a bunch guys those are great tips and I really appreciate you running the file on your own laser software as well, It’s good to know it should be working. I’ll reach out to my customer and let him know what I’ve found out. The flip arc normals to +Z is something I’ve never looked at before. Normally I send over all my stuff exploded but his customer asked me to join everything and send it over that way. I haven’t heard back from him so I’m guessing it worked for him.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi Everyone, I have been having some issues with trumpf boost laser cutting software. We don’t have big experience on this new machine. The Trumpf boost software is not very intuitive. I have just been exporting as DXF. I see from previous post to use R12 Arcs is a good option. On this file I opted to export selected…but for some reason the layers seemed to have got in the way…When the file was opened in solid works it showed up with all the layers. Using some poly line plug in in solid work helped laser to read the file…Just wondering is there a particular set of steps to apply to files when exporting to trumpf boost software. Thanks for your help.