Troubleshooting Pascal Golay Scripts on Rhino 7


I’ve recently discovered Pascal’s rhino script list, many of which seems useful. I’ve followed the instructions and dragged and dropped into my Rhino windows (I’m running V7.) The Alias and the command sequence loads for the scripts I’ve tried (Distribute, Silhouette, Sprinkler) but none were able to fully execute the command.

Am I missing some step? Would be helpful to be able to run some of these scripts. I’ve downloaded from this link.

Hello - Distribute is native to V7, no need for the script. The others ought to do something - what happens? Any message at all?


Noted on Distribute. Have used the command without the script and it works

So for something like Sprinkler, I get a window that says:

Microsoft VB Runtime Error
Type Mismatch: Sprinkler
Line 1
Char 0

Hello- please drag and drop the script from where ever it is on your disk onto an open Rhino window and then try again.


This worked, thanks!