Troubleshooting Annoying Panning Issue

I just installed Rhino 5 in Windows 8, VMware 5, and whenever I hold the right mouse button to pan, if the mouse goes outside of the viewport, my view glitches and zooms really far out and over. Then I have to Zoom Extents to get back to my model. Any thoughts? I checked for updates, but all the software is current.

Also, I when I turn Control Points on, I can’t actually see them. All I see is the dotted line, but no points are visible.

Hi Joseph, are you running your OS and Rhino via VMWare ? If this is the case, please read here and here.

For the pan and control points issues, an answer to the question above is important in advance.


Yup Windows 8 with VMware 5. Saw those posts; would rather get the install working correctly than bootcamp my system.

Hi Joseph,
This is your system
Hardware -> Mac OSX -> VMWare -> Windows 8 -> Rhino for Windows

VMWare and Parallels are both Windows emulators.
They actually work by abstracting the hardware. The Rhino application is programmed to go directly to the hardware. The way you have your system configured with VMWare, the hardware is not accessible like it is on a standard Windows system. This is why when running Rhino on VMWare there are typically problems with video and pointing devices.

In your configuration, Rhino 5 for Windows is installed under VMWare which not a supported configuration.
See System Requirements here.
So what works? The Bootcamp drivers from Apple will allow the computer to boot directly to Windows. So the program heirachy looks like this:
Hardware -> Windows 8 -> Rhino for Windows.
It is a Windows computer when it is Bootcamped to Windows.

This is the only reliable and stable was to configure your Rhino 5 for Windows system.
Please use the under development MacRhino for modeling when you are booted under OSX.

Hope this helps.
Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

Thanks for unpacking the issue!

Of course! You are very welcome.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support
Seattle, WA