Troubles selecting text or dimensions from side views

Sorry. Got the same error. This time lines 51 and 54.

OK, try one more time… :confounded:

(some days you got it and some days you don’t…)

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Like a charm. Thanks a lot!
Really pity I can’t join you this year on STF in London. I’d get you a beer.

Yeah, would have liked that! Not only was STF cancelled, but I was supposed to leave Monday for Seattle for the APMM (modelmakers) convention which was also canceled - so I had to kill that trip too, which also nixed my planned McNeel home office visit. :scream:

I couldn’t join for family reasons. Didn’t know STF was cancelled. Hopefully postponed only giving me a chance to be there eventually.

Just got the news this morning. Had a feeling it was going to happen. It’s off 'till next year.

If we’re all alive till then… :sweat_smile:

OK, try this one (# 2) out as well - select some dimensions or text that are parallel to WorldXY (in principle you can’t select anything else), it will (in theory) select all the other dimensions and texts on the same plane(s). (within file tolerance). Let me know if it errors out or does something unexpected. (2.0 KB)

It works great. Less clicks, faster workflow. :clap:

Here is a revision of the last one plus a new one… the revision is that it should now also work with leader objects.

The new one should work with annotation objects lying in any plane(s) - not just parallel to XY. Other annotations will be selected if they lie in the same plane(s) as the initially selected reference objects. (1.9 KB) (1.4 KB)

Amazing. I really appreciate your effort.