Trouble with using Voronoi cells as bounding boxes to trim coplanar curves?

I have used polar array and maelstrom to make a set of curves that spiral and rotate around each other. I also used Populate 2D and Voronoi to make a randomized set of polygons inside a rectangle. I want to copy and translate a set of these maelstrom curves to each of the populated points so that there is a maelstrom in relatively the center of each of the Voronoi cells. I then want to use the Voronoi cells as bounding boxes to trim the maelstroms that have been placed in each one individually. How to do this last step is beyond my knowledge. I was experimenting with cutting each Voronoi cell out of a surface and then extruding those cell-sized surfaces to use as Brep bounding boxes but got stuck.

I am running into two problems: As that the maelstrom isn’t a closed curve it does not move as one unit without first being grouped, this causes problems down the road, as that groups aren’t treated as curves. This leads to the second problem which is that I have found no simple way to only keep the portion of the curves that are inside the Voronoi cells.

My file is linked below, and images are attached. Thank you for helping me out.

Design 2 Algorithm To (16.5 KB)

Something like this?

Design 2 Algorithm To (18.6 KB)

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Ohmygodthankyousomuch. This has actually saved me. Ive been working at this in various different ways for a while now but this is precisely what I needed. What components are you using in the highlighted area?

Nevermind. I found your file. Thank you so so much!