Trouble with making mesh for shapeways


I have been making models for shapeways for a few months. Lately I have been experimenting with new sprue designs to cut down on costs. I found a new plate style sprue that cut my proce in half and made one model successfully.

I am working on the second model and I keep running in to issues

Shapeways keeps flagging the mesh as

  • Model failed during repair.
  • Model is not manifold.

I followed the instructions I found on


Using ShewEdges does not highlight any naked edges.

Here is a link to a test file of the design

Did you run it through mesh repair in rhino?

yes went through that and weld ans tried reduce mesh but still same issues

Can you screenshot the results of mesh repair. The info it gives you about the mesh.

The mesh part looks pretty funky…

It has a lot of overlapping faces and naked edges. The red areas are where it’s “inside-out” as I have red for coloring “backfaces”.

The original polysurface has a number of problems, although Rhino doesn’t report them. You can see from the screenshot below that there are some bad surfaces in there which are invisible - i.e. Rhino can’t mesh them correctly. This causes problems in the mesh part.

I exploded the polysurface, rebuilt the edges and rejoined. This fixed a number pf problems. Then I meshed the object with the following custom settings:


That made a better mesh, closed, but still a few problems. Rhino’s mesh repair tool is OK for a diagnostic, but not very reliable as an actual repair tool. I was able to fix the mesh further with CullDegenerateMeshFaces and CollapseMeshFacesByEdgeLength. Here is the result, I don’t know if Shapeways will like it or not. (9.1 MB)

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thanks for the info. Can you walk me through the commands you used

exploded the polysurface
rebuilt the edges

also thanks for the mesh settings