Trouble with Expression!


Hi there,

I am a noob to Grasshopper and rhino…

I am trying to create holes for a speaker grill… and have run into some difficulty.

Having trouble trying to get these circles to scale to the image sampler.
and I want to try and offset every other row of circles

Can anyone help? (75.2 KB)
SpeakerGrill.3dm (92.9 KB)


This is probably not the end of the way, but I have changed 3 tiny things: (11.4 KB)



I deleted that last post somehow by mistake,
I will ask again, can I use Surface Split to cut a hole in the surface ?

I have tried before and not been successful, I tried to use item list to get access to the trimmed surfaces and it would not work correctly.


Don’t know why it’s 469th, but it works… (11.7 KB)


@MarcusStrube Once again thank you so much you really got me out of a pickle tonight…
I hope to complete this project soon…

I know that I have a steep learning curve when it come to grasshopper but I am gonna keep up with learning it day by day…