Trouble With DeBrep giving only one surface?

Hello all!

Was hoping to get some help. I’m just starting out with Rhino/Grasshopper and I’m having quite a blast.

I ran into this problem when following the last example in Chapter 4 of Arturo Tedeschi’s book, “Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper”.

My EvalSrf component seems to only give me a single value for all 60 list items. Why is this? I thought it would evaluate each Face from DeBrep separately?

Attached a screenshot and my .gh file. Let me know if I should provide anything else.

Thanks. (14.7 KB)

Don’t forget to reparameterize (Turn your surface UV domain into 0 to 1)your Sub_Surfaces. (22.3 KB)

Thank you so much! That is exactly what the problem was.