Trouble Using Eto.Forms PropertyCellTypeDropDown

I’m working on setting up a properties grid for the my plugin data. I’ve successfully set it up the handling of strings, double, and integers and am working on getting enumerations working:


As you can see, the type detection works correctly, the correct current value and options also populate. The problem I’m running into is that the first time a user uses the drop down to select a different option, it doesn’t commit the value. After trying an failing once, the drop down works as expected for as long as it has focus. Then once you select a different object, you once again have to try twice to change the value. However, if you select the dropdown normally and then use the arrow keys to change the value, the change gets committed first time.

I tried setting up a normal DropDown just on a panel with the same methodology and it works as expected, but using the same set of bindings inside of a TreeGridView results in this behavior. An example piece of code demonstrating the behavior is attached. Has anyone else encountered this behavior an know how to fix it?
ExampleDropDownPanel.cs (6.5 KB)