Trouble uniquely identifying a Mesh

Could I up-vote this requested API change somehow?

I see it is not in priority at all, but in the case of our plugin it would improve the speed a lot. The current plugin has to do a lot of extra work to find the source InstanceObject.

Passing the id of the source InstanceObject along with the mesh would be enough.



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I’m looking into adding Guid of direct parent, and for root.

Hello Nathan,

Thank you, that would be really great!


I’ve hadded ParentId and RootId to MeshInstance in Rhino 7. It should be available in the next BETA release sometime next week.

Ohh, I haven’t seen your answer.

Thank you very much!!! This is great news for me!

There is no chance to have it in Rhino6 too, right? Would be good but I can understand of course…


This addition was v7 only. To the changequeue mechanism in V6 we’ve moved to making only critical fixes.

OK and thank you!