Trouble synchronizing render settings

Hi there,

What is the best way to synchronize render settings between two Rhino instances? I tried Tools | Export Options from Rhino Instance 1, then Tools | Import Options on Rhino Instance 2 but it seems like the Render settings are not included.

Is there another method?


Hi Pat -

Render settings are mainly document settings. You could save a template file with the settings as you’d like and start new files from that template in different Rhino instances.

Thank you Wim… is there a way to update the document settings for lots (hundreds) of 3dm files?

Hi Pat - what settings, exactly, are you looking at?


Hi Pascal,

It appears that Rhino render settings (backdrop, dpi, gamma, lighting, etc. ) are set on a per 3dm basis. I’d like all of the render settings in all of my 3dm’s to be consistent.

For new 3dm’s, I am starting with a template that has everything set to my current rendering configuration. That doesn’t solve the hundreds of existing 3dm’s that have previous or even default rendering settings. So I’m looking for a way to synchronize them somehow to the current settings.


Hi Pat - honestly, I do not know if that is possible - I’ll look to see if it seems possible to script, but I do not know if what we’d need is available in RhinoCommon… it may very well not be.