Trouble selecting individual mesh objects

Hi, recently imported a couple mesh objects into Rhino 7 WIP and converted them via QuadRemesh. One of these mesh objects consists of several individual mesh “parts” such as a Cockpit. Problem I’m having is this: I can’t select the mesh “parts” without selecting the entire mesh model, ie…overlapping mesh parts. I’ve tried every way of selection method and, for the life of me, I can’t figure this out. There’s even a command called SelMeshPart (I believe…), it DOES select the individual mesh part but, when I try to copy it to a different layer, the CopyToLayer Command is unselectable for some reason. Does anyone know another option here, this is driving me nuts. To make things even more agitating, this McNeel Discourse, has been coming up blank on my iPhone for 2-3 months now. It did this before, about a yr ago, now its happening again. Anyways, any help would be very much appreciated, thx

I’m guessing here without a file or image, but if the mesh facets do not share common edges, try SplitDisjointMesh.

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