Trouble learning RhinoCommon equivalent of old RhinoInterpCurve

I’m having a tough time finding out what RhinoCommon uses instead of Rhutil.RhinoInterpcurve. Searches in VS2017 sample project object browser and here in discourse have been fruitless with the “interpcurve” variations I’ve been trying.

Dim pts As New On3dPointArray (filled in with 21 points)
Dim nc as OnNurbsCurve =RhUtil.RhinoInterpCurve(3,pts,Nothing,Nothing,0)

worked fine back in 2010 with Imports RMA.Rhino.RhUtil, etc. I’m trying to update the plugin and learn RhinoCommon details at the same time.

Any thoughts or pointers?

Try Curve.CreateInterpolatedCurve

Thanks, Menno. I think I’m back on track now. :grinning: