Trouble Joining Curves

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I have a configurator in ShapeDiver, Mandala Test - Join all Curves - ANY HELP - ShapeDiver, that creates a mandala like shape. I need to create a file to be cut on Laser or CNC Router where all the curves are joined together.

When the resulting DXF is exported, the shape is not a continuous shape but is segmented with lines running through it. (See Below)

What I need is a solid not segmented shape without the divisions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please see the attached grasshopper file.
Mandala Test v… (46.0 KB)


Mark Plaga

Related DUPLICATE thread?

Similar but not exactly. I wanted to be clear about what my goal was, thus the new thread. The old thread stated that I needed to join the curves so that I could extrude the curves. Though that was accomplished, what I really needed was to have a shape that is continuous, without breaks.

The DXF export is currently limited to polylines and meshes but we are working on ShapeDiver plugin upgrade which will come with better export options.

For now, convert breps to meshes for the DXF export. In case paths for laser cutting are required, you can export polylines in a separate export component.

Also, to speed up your model we recommend adding a toggle for exports, read more below:

Mandala Test v…3 (71.3 KB)

More export options are covered in this part of our webinar: