Trouble importing IGES


I am having troubles importing IGES into my rhino file. Basically the geometry loses the colors. I used to import all kind of geometry and the color will be the same one i exported from the authoring software . however starting from today all the iges import are by defaults black ! or ( Layer color ) which make it black. Can you please help me resolve this issue ?

I can’t find any iges options during import or during open !



Hi Eyad - as far as I can see in a quick test, colored objects make the round trip from and to Rhino and retain the object color. Do you have an example file you can post or send to


thank you for your quick answer.

Yes i will prepare a file for you. I export iges from catia and import them into rhino . everytimes i used to do that, the color comes with it . however , one time I changed to color of the object in the properties to match the layer color. since then every time i import an object , it by default comes in the layer (IGES level 0) and the properties of the object is (Color By Layer) which is black .
The IGES level 0 layer was always black , but the objects in it used to be colored as custom color. but not any more
i reinstalled the software , same thing .
i will prepare an example real quick

Sorry my bad,
after so many hours trying to figure out it end up being my mistake
before exporting from catia you have to put the geometry into design mode , not CGR
so my iges didn’t actually have color. Rhino is innocent

Awesome. Thanks for the update!