Trouble importing .dcm files for Rhino3DMedical


I’ve just downloaded the Rhino3DMedical plugin, and I’m having troubles importing DICOM files into rhino. When I watch a guide on how to do this (Rhino3DMedical Tutorial: Create 3D-printable STL file from DICOM image - YouTube), they select one file/single slice or piece of data from a whole set (fig. 1) but then what appears on the screen seems to be all of the singular images/data from the whole set combined into one (fig. 2).

(fig. 1)

(fig. 2)

When I attempt this, I select 1 image/piece of data from the set (of around 500 slices, from the 1 CT scan) (fig.3), and then up appears the singular image in rhino (fig. 4) which I presumed. However, how do I import all of my images to combine them into a working model of slices that I can navigate through like seen in fig. 2.

I can’t select all of the 500 images/slices and import them at once, and when I try to do it one by one it doesn’t seem to be correct. Do I need another type of program to combine all of them into one file, before opening them into Rhino3DMedical?

(fig. 3)

(fig. 4)

Thank you!

Hi - You’ll have to contact support at Mirrakoi for this one.

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