Trouble getting thick lines to show in perspective viewport rendering

I have a lot of trouble getting thick lines to show in perspective viewport rendering.
They appear for 0.5 to 2 seconds, and then it’s like they disappear because they are being over-ridden somehow.
Is it because it isn’t activated yet?


Hi Leslie,

Can you give us more details? Which shader are you using? Do they dissapear as you rotate/pan the view or even when the view is still?

Which graphic card do you have? Are your drivers up to date?


Thanks for the reply, but I can’t seem to replicate what was happening. I probably should have recorded what was happening. I suspect it might have been one of the rhino rendering setttings, like quick initial preview enabled. Or esle another render setting conflicting with those of penguin. I am doing several different tutorials on rhino now so that I can learn it properly.

The thick lines appear correctly now.

However, I am having another penguin-related issue. I have checked “render isocurves” in the rhino>penguin>document properties. And the isocurves will now appear in viewport (with my lovely thick outlines).
However if I move or zoom the model, the isocurves will vanish and not return. The strange things is that if I press ctrl-z for undo after I have moved the camera view, the isocurves will appear again. Hit ctrl z twice in a row, then ctrl-y, and they will disappear/reappear as you would expect – like I am exucting some kind of command.

Isocurves will render correctly during ‘proper’ penguin renders (when the separate rendering window pops up).

It’s not that big a deal, but it would be nice to see isocurves in the viewport when the penguin render is selected.

The reason I ask is that sometimes the results I get in the viewport are just what I’m looking for to use for product sketches. In some cases I get results closer to what I want in the viewport faster than using the actual rendering window. But as soon as I change views, the display is updated…

I can record a screengrab perhaps?

It’s almost like it is displaying the isocurves (or maybe the mesh) from rhino’s wireframe view, until the display is moved & redrawn. That’s okay, I’m not complaining, because sometimes I want the isocurves from the wireframe view with the outlines from penguin. It’s just not all that reproducible is all.

Also, the thick outlines/edges/silhouettes (curves) from penguin sometimes also display in wireframe mode. Harder to replicate, but it does happen.

I think what it is is that I have to be careful to select “current renderer” and then reselect the correct viewport mode as well.