Trouble getting a section cut?

I have an old file with my building model placed within a group site model (I did not set up the site model), which my architecture professor has asked me to return to and get a section cut (CUTPLANE) of the building in relation to the surroundings & topography.

However, the entire model seems to be sheared. Even in Perspective view, Ortho is not behaving in a 90-degree manner. I confirmed that ORTHOANGLE is 90, and under Options > Modeling Aids that “Ortho Snap every 90 degrees.”

This causes my section cut to be at an angle, which doesn’t work.

The forum kept giving me an error when I tried to upload the file, so I’m including a GoogleDrive link to the Rhino 7 file.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the issue (or what I think the issue is): the section cut is red, and the line I’m starting to draw at the left side of the screen (with Ortho on) is going off at a weird angle.

Am I just out of luck? Or is there a way to troubleshoot this “shearing” issue? (if I’m correct in calling it a “shearing” issue) Thanks!

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 3.16.02 PM|659x500

Hi Aaron -

This model somehow got sheared, yes.
To fix this, select all in the Right viewport, run Shear, select a point as the start and create a vertical (in the Right viewport) line, then input 45.

If CheckNewObjects is enabled, this procedure will warn you of 2 bad objects. Note that these were bad before the shear command was used.

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I suspect someone followed the tutorial for creating an axonometric view (which involves a 45° shear of the model) and either forgot to do it on a copy of the file or undo the shear afterwards.

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Hi Mitch -

The first version of my reply actually included a quote from you explaining how to make those and to make sure to do that on a copy of the file :slight_smile: . But that involved 2 shear operations and a common base point and sounded a lot harder to get back into the “correct” state. This one was a single shear and easy to get out of, so I went with that.

Thank you kindly, Wim! That solved it! I suspect Mitch was exactly right in what happened.